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A History of Women’s Social Movement Activities
in Los Angeles, 1960-1999


This major research project examined the history of women’s social movement activities in mid to late twentieth-century Los Angeles. The outcome of this research is a history of women’s social activism in Los Angeles during this period based not on an a priori definition of the Women’s Movement but on the history of activities by which women organized demands against discrimination and for access, equal opportunity, and equal representation.

The focus of the project has been conducting archival research and oral history interviews; developing publicly accessible data resources; and organizing a public conference to disseminate research findings. This project documents any material effects of women’s social movement activities on public policy and civic institutions in Los Angeles. It has, and will continue to be, a major contribution to the historiography on Los Angeles and offers new resources for scholars, the public, and today’s policy leaders.

Resources and Information for Women's Social Movement Activities in Los Angeles, 1960-1999

  • The WSMALA Interactive Timeline displays key events in women's social movement activities in Los Angeles in the areas of women's health, women in higher education, the feminist arts movement, and women's labor.
  • The WSMALA Resources and Bibliographies provide documentation for the research completed in this project, annotated bibliographies for researchers, and a list of archives consulted during the research process of this project.
  • The WSMALA Oral Histories give brief biographies of the women interviewed and will provide links to digital audio of these interviews as soon as they are processed and made available by the UCLA Center for Oral History Research.
  • The WSMALA Database includes key events and organizations in women's social movement activities in Los Angeles.


Principal Investigator:
Professor Kathleen McHugh

Graduate Student Researchers (current and former):

Andrey Gordienko

Jackie Hunt

Susan McKibben

Dayo Spencer-Walters

Kimberlee Granholm

Lai Wa Wu


Kimberlee Granholm
Center for the Study of Women


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