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Natalie Hansen

Natalie Hansen 3

Natalie Hansen

Research Scholar since 2011




As with other categories of difference, species difference is constructed to benefit specific actors: Homo sapiens. Left unexamined, assumptions of species privilege justify many levels of inequality, from the dehumanization of “enemy combatants” to globalized predations on natural resources.

Hansen completed her Ph.D. in Literature and Feminist Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz, in 2009. Drawing on her interdisciplinary background in literature, gender studies, and science, her research and writing examines representations of human-nonhuman relationships in imaginative fiction, popular media, ethologies, and training narratives. Her explorations of the intersections between species, gender, and race have been published in Women’s Studies QuarterlyJACMichigan Feminist Studies, and The Brock Review, as well as in two anthologies: Beyond Human and Speaking for Animals. In addition to continuing scholarly research and writing, Hansen teaches courses in literature and composition at Santa Monica College and pursues her life-long relationship with horses through her work as an equine craniosacral therapist.

At CSW, Hansen will continue working on her book project, Horse Stories, which focuses on how the category of the human is imagined through cross-species relations. Horses occupy the nodal point in this analysis as Hansen explores the ways that representations shape, reflect, and challenge social and political practices within and between species. As part of the conversation with gender and anti-racist studies, Horse Stories explores how species difference is related to a broader politics of difference. Hansen’s focus for the 2012-13 year is to finish drafting the book manuscript, which includes chapters on talking horses in literature, the figure of the horse-crazy girl, and mythologies of the cowboy.

Hansen published an article in CSW's March 2013 Newsletter, titled "Beyond the Crazy Horse Girl." You can view the article here.


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